HP Playground

Type : Public Space
Principal Designer : Bayu Ariyanto
Team : Rizki Nurkarim, Teddy Dwiki Putra
Collaborator : Wanara Studio
Location : Arcamanik, Bandung
Size : 805 sqm
Project Year : 2022
Status : Concept

HP Playground is a pediatrics clinic and playground project in Arcamanik, Bandung. The project is divided into the two aforementioned functions—the indoor clinic and the outdoor playground. Since the users for this facility are children, we wanted to create a friendly and playful ambience. We opted to use the color white for the clinic’s main color for both its exterior and interior. The color gives off a clean feel since the project is a clinic, but it also provides a neutral background for more vibrant colors. We collaborated with the graphic design house Wanara Studio to create colorful icons and playful visual elements to the space. The outdoor playground also contrasted the white with a colorful surrounding ambience.