Mahidana Cetana Store

Type : Cafe & Restaurant
Team : Rizki Nurkarim, Mirza Annisa, Amanda Rizkia
Collaborator : Wanara Studio
Location : Ranggamalela, Bandung
Size : 70 sqm
Project Year : 2020
Status : Concept

Lately, jamu (Indonesian traditional drink) has taken a completely new spotlight in the food and beverages industry since more and more people are attracted by its health benefits. Mahidana is a jamu cafe attached to a zero waste store called Cetana Living. To make it easier for customers to move between the cafe and the shop, we created an open space divided only by furniture. Dominating the Mahadina Cafe area is a bar that is placed in the middle of the space. For Cetana Living, we used dropped ceilings to strengthen the store’s character. The entire area is surrounded by glass and accentuated by earth-toned colored as part of its branding.