Mee Pandjang Umur

Type : Restaurant
Principal Designer : Bayu Ariyanto
Team : Rizki Nurkarim, Mirza Annisa
Collaborator : Wanara Studio
Location : Kemang, Jakarta
Size : 24 sqm
Project Year : 2020
Status : Completed
Photos : From internet
Mee Pandjang Umur is a Chinese-style noodle stall located in Kemang, South Jakarta. Occupying a small area, our task for this project is to design a compact and efficient space with a strong Chinese feel. To achieve this, we designed a compact kitchen and a practical dining space with a lot of character. Main materials for the space consist of wood and textured green tiles, which gives off an old-school Chinese ambience. To build a cohesive feel, the interior also utilizes wood for the seats, while the table tops are colored in a light shade of green. The logo signage is written in Latin alphabet and Chinese Kanji, and the ornaments throughout the stall are carefully organized with paraphernalias that can be found at Chinese restaurants—including one artwork by the late artist, Senikanji.