Stevie 6 Hotel

Type : Hospitality
Team : Bayu Ariyanto, Alwin Pesik, Budiyanto, Hermanto Subagijo
Engineering & Construction : Joshua Alfansa
Collaborator : Zanun Nurangga, Mitchy Riffandie, Brahmantya Iskandar, Farri Icksan
Location : Cihideung, West Bandung
Size : 1600.0 sqm
Project Year : 2011
Status : Completed
Photographer : Mitchy Riffandie

Stevie G is a boutique hotel located in Bandung with different theme for each room. The 24 rooms has modern look and unique decoration. For the material, we use ceramics tile on many parts of hotel interior, making the ambience more homey and easier for maintenance.