Roang & Bluedoors Coffee 2

Type : Cafe & Restaurant
Principal Designer : Bayu Ariyanto
Team : Rizki Nurkarim, Mirza Annisa, Andi Maulana, Budiyanto, Handiyanto Dwikarya
Engineering & Construction : Hendra Gunawan, Square Inch
Landscape : Larch Studio
Collaborator : Griffen Studio
Location : Karang Tineung, Bandung
Size : 866 sqm
Project Year : 2020
Status : Completed
Photographer : Bayu Ariyanto
Blue Doors, located in a back garden of an old residential house in Bandung which has adaptive reuse, has a tropical garden ambiance as the main concept. The cafe’s own concept blends in with the Japandi concept of the coworking space in the main house. For its interior, BASIO applies “old and new” styles, as can be seen from the use of old walls and a patina that goes hand in hand with the use of marble and large slabs on the floor and bar (interior).