RR House

Type : Residential
Team : Bayu Ariyanto, Budiyanto, Handiyanto Dwikarya
Engineering & Construction : Amarta Studio, W.W Works
Location : Jatihandap, Bandung
Size : 150.0 sqm
Project Year : 2014
Status : Completed

RR House is an industrial-styled residence with a touch of intermodal container-like ambience. Due to limited mobilization, we did not use the real container. Instead, we learned the  use of a modular container and applied them to the space available. Zincalume is chosen for this project, because it can give industrial style on the facade. We optimized the land area and built two-floor masses. The first floor is intended for public area for artists residencies, while the second floor is a private area. The spaces are compact, but there is still an open area to allow flexibility on the use of both floor.