Surili Coffee Shop

Type : Cafe & Restaurant
Principal Designer : Bayu Ariyanto
Team : Rizki Nurkarim, Mirza Annisa, Andi Maulana, Budiyanto, Handiyanto Dwikarya
Collaborator : Wanara Studio
Location : Dago Pakar, Bandung
Size : 150 sqm
Project Year : 2020
Status : Concept


Surili Coffee is a multifunctional space and coffee shop located in the northern part of Bandung highlands, away from the busy city. The existing structure on the site of the project is a PLN electrical tower building, while the intended use of the area is to house a coffee shop, coworking space, and all-around hangout spot. For the project, we opted for a sustainable approach in which we created new buildings and landscape design around the area without compromising its site character. The facade for the building offers a wide view of the  whole area, and the spacious garden around it can be used for various functions. The front area serves as a parking spot that doesn’t disturb its surroundings and the back area can accommodate different kinds of events, as well as being an open area where visitors can hang and play. The interplay between old and new, along with built structures and tropical nature, is our goal for the project.