Yumaju Coffee 2

Type : Cafe & Restaurant
Team : Rizki Nurkarim, Mirza Annisa
Engineering & Contruction : Asep Dev, W.W Works
Collaborator : Nusae, Conture Indonesia
Location : Menado, Bandung
Size : 117.0 sqm
Project Year : 2018
Status : Completed
Photographer : Kiearch

One and a half year after the opening of first coffee shop, Yumaju Coffee opened its second place. Like the first shop, the owner also wanted to transform small, unproductive space into a business. Yumaju Coffee 2.0 focuses on its outdoor to enjoy Bandung’s cool weather under the shade of existing pine trees. At the outdoor area, concrete benches installed with the shape based on Yumaju Coffee’s brand logo with circle modular table that allows flexibility for the customers to sit wherever they want.