Yumaju Coffee 1

Type : Cafe & Restaurant
Team : Bayu Ariyanto, Yusuf Ramadhan, Ahmad Novian A.
Engineering & Contruction : Jusuf Nurima, W.W Works
Collaborator : Nusae
Location : Maulana Yusuf, Bandung
Size : 70.0 sqm
Project Year : 2016
Status : Completed
Photographed : Kiearch

Combining coffee and hang out culture, Yumaju Coffee is an establishment at the heart of Bandung City, Indonesia. The owner aims the place to bring unique individuals closer together and create collaboration among them. The architecture and interior design were inspired by the Japanese minimalism. The 70-meter square space originally had a garage-style door on the front. The indoor area has a compact layout with low ceiling and warm white lights to give Yumaju Coffee an intimate look.