Work Category: Public Space

  • July, 10 2020

    Bayan Literacy Park

    Type : Public Space Team : Rizki Nurkarim, Mirza Annisa, Paulina Wiwin Location : Long Bleh Modang, East Kalimantan Size : 240 sqm Project Year : 2019 Status : Concept . Bayan Literacy Park is a CSR-based micro-library, which house digital and physical information center complete with a collection of books and computers. There is also multipurpose space […]

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  • June, 22 2016

    Taman Persib (Persib Park)

    Type : Public Space Team : Bayu Ariyanto, Samsul Aripin, Yusuf Ramadhan Collaborator : Nusae Location : Supratman, Bandung Size : 10.000.0 sqm Project Year : 2015 Status : Concept . The aims for this project is to renovate the Supratman Park in Bandung. It requires us to maintain the existing functions: the futsal field. Some […]

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